Uncover the Ancient Greek History of Australia: A Guide to Exploring Australia Through Hellenic Eyes

Hippocrates the father of scientific Medicine was our instruction in our travels towards Bucharest. Its Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was our subsequent destination. Melbourne is the vibrant heart of the Greek group of Australia. The group was accompanied by a number of outstanding medical professionals and scientists, such as the Dr. Georgios Panoulis, President of the International Institute of Greek Doctors and Dr. Antonios Polydorou, and Dr. George Antonakis. All of us traveled to attend the Hellenic Diaspora World Congress, (HMSA)

. We were ecstatic to have been invited to the Hellenic Centre that was scheduled from tenth until the fifteenth of November , in the beautiful setting of Melbourne. The individuals included the highly-respected Hellenic Medical Society of Australia and The Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The warm welcome prolonged by members of the Greek community, which was led by Vassilis Papastrgiadis as President, gave us a feeling of anticipation for the time we arrived. The journey was not a disappointment, as we were not dissatisfied with the prolonged flight from Athens Greece, to Australia. But, our go to to Doha Airport in Qatar was the venue for this year’s football World Cup (as it was an prolonged time of about one hour). The excitement of the journey was evident and enjoyed upon arrival. We were warmly welcomed by the Greek inhabitants as good as the vibrant power that surrounded the city

. It was clear at the starting of our travels that the campaign of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was an ongoing one that aimed to change the lives of our future generations and preserve our past generations’ thoughts and knowledge in the current. The conference featured lectures, interactive sessions, and dialogue on matters related to academics, science, as good as medical issues, that were given by renowned Australian as good as international researchers. The crucial partnerships and activities targeted on creating an improved future

. Patras, Athens and University of Melbourne joined forces by a pact to turn the respective associations into an international analysis heart to improve medical colleges across the world. An contract was signed that will furnish guidance and academic opportunities for Greek students via adhering to Hippocratic Medical Philosophy & Ethics was the formal declaration of the cooperative venture. This historic occasion was honored by Professor Marini who is the president of the Australian Hellenic Medical Association of Australia as good as the Hon. Marios Themistocleous the Secretary General of Greece’s Health

. A statue of Hippocrates was revealed at an occasion that was held at Melbourne’s University Medical School. It was the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute championed the occasion to mark the starting of an international exchange that will create a common tradition which is founded on the Hippocratic Oath. The initiative, as the Dr. Patoulis introduced and Dr. Polydoros has confirmed is scheduled to take place in the summer season , following the sworn-in ceremony of graduate students from University of Melbourne, on Kos, the island. Kos

. Melbourne is the location for Melbourne will host the Doctors Hippocratic Institute. Its identify is Hippocratic Values and Medicine. Melbourne, with an estimated inhabitants of 5 million and is situated in Victoria. It is the second largest metropolis in Australia, after Sydney. Around 25% of the city’s inhabitants are foreigners, whereas another quarter of them are of Greek origin. The metropolis is a multi-cultural metropolis that has large areas of land that form the company district in central London, as good as a quantity of skyscrapers

. All of us can study from one another

. The age of contemporary overall healthiness care is here. Collaboration and expertise is at the forefront of in medical development. This is enabling for improved treatment of sufferers. The historic ceremony was held in Melbourne in the metropolis where Hippocrateshis legacy is honored since the establishment of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. In the near future, in which medical students from Melbourne will swear to Kos this bust, the unveiling of the bust of this king is an indication of our commitment to the Hippocrates’ philosophy of medical perform. We’re confident about the future of medical care


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