Art-based tasks

A current report by a number of independent researchers concludes that
taking part in the arts nurtures the growth of social, personal and
intellectual abilities. Programs based on Arts can improve scholastic achievement
and reduce the tendency towards delinquency. It can help youth form
good attitudes about by themselves and build self-esteem.

Arts programs involve interaction, interpretation and knowledge of
complex symbols, much like mathematics and languages. Thus it fosters
higher-order analytical skills and abilities of evaluation and synthesis.
Many of the programs make the youngster frequently utilize numerous abilities thus
making him powerful and versatile.

Growth of imagination, judgment and philosophy are fringe benefits of
an arts-based activity. Rather than the short 45-minute extent associated with
art classes at school, the excess time permitted in after school activities
enables the kid to get more involved. This leads to more satisfactory
opportunities for development of latent capabilities within the son or daughter. In
turn, the child learns setting high standards of accomplishment. He
knows just what sustained focus is and learns that regular practice is
the way to excellence.

In the shy or the withdrawn son or daughter, theatre, speech or drama lessons could be
an outlet for pent up emotions. As drama involves getting into the ‘skin’
of some other individual, the little one learns to verbalize emotions and show
ideas. These reasons account fully for the popularity of arts-based

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Jasper James
Jasper James
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