How these nine credit unions are investing in their employees

Nine credit unions have announced new career opportunities

OnPath Federal Credit Union’s new branch in Graham

OnPath Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative that began in the form of ASI Federal Credit Union. It has a network of 10 branch establishments in Louisiana. Services at each location vary slightly and may vary in relation to one another. Members should contact their local branch to find out more information on services available at their particular location. Members can also use ATMs for their convenience. You can find the new Graham branch at 1016 Highway 98 located just to the south of Graham.

Tremont Federal Credit Union has established a brand-new Nashua branch

If you’re looking to get your financial needs addressed, think about the possibility of a job with a credit union. A credit union operations manager oversees operations at the Nashua branch. He ensures that all is well. The manager supervises the handling of cash for each individual and makes sure that all IRA transactions comply with the law. Regular meetings are held with staff members of the branch to talk about concerns and to discuss methods for improvement. Staff members at Nashua branch Nashua branch are required to undergo training in financial literacy in addition to the BSA, and regulatory compliance.

Heartland Bank & Trust Company as well as Peoples Bank of Kankakee Country are the other nearby banks. New Nashua branch is accessible by contacting several banks, which includes a credit union. Within the state of Illinois the bank is situated in Elk Grove Village. Within nearby cities, you can find The Federal Savings Bank of Illinois, SSB and First American Bank.

Sharonview Federal Credit Union promoted Rick Otey as executive vice president

Sharonview Federal Credit Union has recently been promoted Rick Otey to executive vice president. Prior to the promotion, Otey served as COO at the credit union. The role he held included membership acquisition and retention initiatives, leading to membership growth at a rate twice as high as the national average. The organization recently awarded him his 2020 National CUES Exceptional Leader Award. Otey graduated from Wake Forest University with a MBA and is still pursuing the highest level of professional development.

Council adopts the Employees Policy The Council also appointed the Diocesan Administrator as an official in the Diocese. The charter was also approved by the Council’s Committee on Insurance. Additionally, the Council was also able to approve the report submitted to the 2000 Convention. It was accepted with amendments and was presented to the 2000 Convention. Check out for more information. We need feedback from staff as well as members in making our final decisions.

Westerra Credit Union’s decision to eliminate overdraft and nonsufficient funds fees

In March of 2020 the credit union based in Denver has eliminated permanently all overdraft and fees for nonsufficient funds. The move came as a result of the pandemic that hit the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The credit union has done the right thing by adhering to a series of policy guidelines. Additionally, the credit union offers digital tools for members to keep track of their financial affairs, such as being able to create alerts when there are low balances.

As the recession has hit Colorado very hard, the credit union has become a digital-first company and has simplified its processes. Westerra has lowered its fees and is enhancing the well-being of members through partnerships. For instance, the organization’s rate on an auto loan outdoes the national average by 34 percent. The credit union also earned a Datatrac Great Rate Award meaning it offers an extremely high rate of interest for a range of loans.

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