The 50 Best Places to Live in the United States

Miami is one of the most diverse cities across the nation, with many international communities and populations from around the world. The diversity is not just based on nationality, however it is also attractive to members of the LGBT community as well as former Silicon Valley techies. The city’s diversity makes it an ideal spot for people who is looking for a friendly environment. It is home to the biggest LGBT community outside of New York, making it the ideal place to start a family.

Nashville is an incredible area to explore

For a long time, Nashville was a mecca for fans of country music, due to the fact that it was where many new artists began their careers. In recent times, Nashville has expanded beyond its roots in the country genre, it’s now attracting greater attention. It is a great spot to see if like music thanks to its rich past and rolling hills. Explore Lower Broadway’s exciting nightlife and visit some of the historical landmarks.

San Francisco is a great area to live in

U.S. News & World Report determines America’s fifteen most desired cities to live by 2022. It uses a range different metrics, which include quality of life and criminality rates, as well as the job market. They also base their rankings on net migration which measures the amount of people leaving and relocate from a city each year. San Francisco ranked at number 15 on the list however, the city’s appeal does not stop there.

Charlottesville is a wonderful place to live

Charlottesville, despite its tiny dimensions, is located in the beautiful countryside and has all the amenities that big cities have. The uniqueness of this city has been recognized with a variety of awards. These include top foodie spot from Wine Magazine and best college town in the country by Traveler’s Today. Business Insider is also calling it the best place to live. In fact, it is one of the most happy places to live in the US, according to Jim Raymond, who has been a resident of Charlottesville since the mid-sixties.

St. Paul is an extraordinary place to reside.

The best thing about living in St. Paul is its multicultural culture. It is home to a variety of events and festivals to attend during the entire time of the year. St. Paul is famous for its relatively mild temperature, and is home to many of the top schools in the country. Residents of St. Paul also benefit from an enviable economic structure and superior medical facilities. There are many opportunities to enjoy the city’s renowned tradition.

Salt Lake City is a fantastic place to live

Salt Lake City has affordable living conditions, and a median salary exceeding $40,000 and is an ideal place to reside. The city’s inhabitants live healthy lives and don’t have to worry about debts from student loans. Forbes listed the city as eighth most accessible in the United States. It also boasts beautiful countryside and a robust work market.

San Diego is an excellent location to explore

San Diego is known for the stunning beaches as well as its nature-inspired beauty. San Diego is an excellent location for families thanks to its laidback lifestyle and surf culture. Also, San Diego is home many museums and other historic tourist attractions. San Diego is also known for its vibrant nightlife at Mission Beach and plenty of stores.

Oahu is an excellent spot to call home

Oahu the largest of Hawaii’s many islands is well-known for having affordable housing. Oahu is connected to Honolulu through Pali Highway, making the city a convenient commute to Honolulu. The central location of the island is ideal for commuting between West Oahu and Waikiki. Aiea located only 15 minutes from Honolulu is an ideal place to make your home on Oahu.

Savannah is an awesome area to visit

The charm of Savannah is in its gorgeous riverside setting. Explore the historic district to discover a variety of unique and stylish products. The waterfront is a fantastic spot to take in the sights as well as a stroll through the City Market or a visit to the Mercer Williams House can give visitors a peek into the city’s past. The riverfront is accessible to pedestrians and is bustling during summer, is home to live music, events and festivals.

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